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The Copy Grinder Challenge

30 Blog Posts In 30 Days

Have you ever desired to become KICKASS at some, seemingly out of reach skill? 

I know that I have...with many things.

And when I start to think of each, INTIMIDATING goal that I've set for myself  (lately I'm obsessed with becoming a skilled acrobatic-yogi, a high-level aikido practitioner, and a successful online entrepreneur), sometimes I become overwhelmed with the feeling that these goals might be too lofty for me to achieve.

This often paralyzes me from even getting started or straight up quitting before I get too far along with them.

But recently, one of the most important, high-level skill sets I've set for myself is, believe it or not...

...becoming a persuasive, entertaining and engaging writer.

"Why a writer" you ask?‚Äč

Well, just take a second to think how valuable it would be if you had the ability to produce compelling articles, captivating stories or convey thought provoking ideas clearly that resonated with readers in a meaningful way...that'd almost be like having a superpower, wouldn't it?

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