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When Simple Answers Appear Complex…

Occam’s Razor teaches us that: answers with the fewest assumptions are usually the correct ones.

Many times, when counterintuitive realities are discovered, we're all flabbergasted by the complexity of it all. 

But sometimes complexity is just an illusion because we under-appreciate how many incorrect assumptions we begin our investigations with. In fact, we seldom do a good job of defining what our assumptions are in the first place.

​Answers built on falsehoods (either by accident or to serve interests that don't benefit from the truth) will not only be false in and of themselves, but usually create immense wakes of pain and destruction across multiple generations. 

It usually takes a non-institutionalized "outsider" asking "silly" questions (in their own attempts to work through the trail of inconsistencies they're uncovering) to change the paradigm and establish a hard fought, new norm that ultimately becomes seen as "innovative."

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