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Play Like a Kid Again with AcroYoga

If you’re like most people, it’s easy to drift away from your fitness ambitions at some point during the year...

Even simple fitness goals like gaining some muscle or just feeling better day-to-day can get pushed aside by the hassle, boredom and repetitiveness of most exercise programs.

When the novelty of your new fitness plan wears off, it's easy to let your adulting get in the way of what your body needs to thrive.

If your exercise endeavors keep turning in to repelling chores you’d rather avoid, maybe it’s time to rethink your long-term fitness strategy.

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3 Blue Light Filter Hacks To Improve Your Sleep & Revitalize Your Daily Mojo

I need you to tap into your inner 5-year old for a moment.

Think like a kid again and ask yourself, “Why’s the sky blue?”

Although it's a cute question every little kid asks, the answer isn’t trivial when it comes to your long term health.

The changing colors of the sky are actually important clues as to what frequencies of visible light are making it through the Earth's atmosphere at various times of day.

The daily light cycle is important because these different frequencies interact with the cells of your body to set crucial hormonal and physiological cycles into motion.

Or at least that's what should happen if synthetic light sources weren't around to bombard us with the entire visible light spectrum 24 hours a day!

After reading this article, you'll understand what frequencies of the visible light you should pursue or shy away from at critical times each day. This will not only help you to sidestep some serious chronic health risks in the future but also boost your daily spunk and productivity at the same time!

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How To Forage For Health Care Around the World


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If you’re an American, the combination of affordable AND high-quality health care just doesn’t exist in the United States.

Obamacare is better than nothing to be sure, but unless you have a cushy job with great health benefits, a lack of options can leave you shelling out money you don’t have if you have a chronic condition.

I found myself pinned between the U.S. pharmaceutical rock and medical hard place after getting laid off from a big, multi-national oil company geology job back in 2015.

To be honest, I’d been daydreaming about ways to eject myself from the fossil fuel extraction industry for a while before getting axed, but I never had the courage to leave my health care behind.

Maybe you can relate a similar sort of feeling with your job...

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How To Craft a Movement Based Workstation for the Digital Age

If you’re at work right now, take a second to prairie dog your head up out of your cubicle and look around the office.

How much movement is going on in your workplace?

Maybe a few people here and there walking between meetings? Someone off to take a bio-break or grab a coffee?

Other than that though, there probably isn’t very much movement happening at all.

Instead, you’re probably looking at an entire floor of people sitting statically in front of their computers, typing away for hours a day. I bet some of them even forget to go use the bathroom!

Ironically, your safety-first oriented workplace is one of the most dangerous environments for human beings on the planet!

I know it sounds crazy, but read on to learn why your modern day work environment is actually a lethal occupational hazard for your long-term health as well as exactly what you should do about it.

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5 Passive Ways To Combat Chronic Stress

Let’s face it, chronic stress is a modern day health epidemic...especially in work-a-holic and anti-sleep cultures like America.

If your day-to-day life is anything like my old corporate 7 to 5 as a geologist in the oil industry, sleep deprivation, high stress projects and long car commutes to and from work probably leave you feeling like a spaced out zombie most of the time.

But I'm Food & Exercise Health-Nut...

And even if you’re super dedicated to your health and fitness finding ways to cram exercise and extracurriculars (like martial arts or yoga) in outside your long work hours, eventually, such physical stressors may just add to precariously stacked shit-pile of chronic stress you’re already under.

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