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If You Minimize, You Can Mobilize

It’s been 1 year now since I sold virtually all of my possessions back in Houston, save a trusty old chevy pickup…

…and 3 weeks since I left New Orleans to start a lifestyle and entrepreneurial experiment in Eastern Europe.

One of the greatest secrets that I discovered over the past year is that minimizing your possessions to the bare minimum not only saves you money and lowers your baseline stress levels, but gives you the freedom to take your life anywhere, at anytime you choose!

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How Collapsing Oil Prices Set A Captive Geologist Free

In the fall of 2014, I felt like I spent my days confined to a cage. My fate felt fixed and I was completely disempowered to make any attempt to escape. Let me explain.

A Cage Made Of Gold Is Still A Cage

In September 2014, I was a 3rd year petroleum geologist working for the oil giant British Petroleum (BP).

The initial ego-high of making six-figures, receiving great retirement benefits and working on multi-million dollar oil-wells had lost its luster and I started to realize that my future would be full of volatile oil prices, chronically high stress levels and monotonous daily routines...

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