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Microdosing This Will Boost Your Productivity Without Any Health or Legal Risks


It’s the practice of taking very small doses of powerful substances (usually psychedelic in nature) to experience creativity bumps and perspective shifts without having to endure the negative-productivity side effects.

Recently, microdosing has become popularized as the new hack for entrepreneurs, creatives, and silicon valley tech geeks to level-up their problem solving abilities as well as work-life fulfillment.

But no matter how promising the latest microdosing research becomes or how wide the number of high-visibility practitioners grows to include, there’s an important catch to acknowledge.

Not only do these substances require sophisticated knowledge and care to accurately microdose, many are also listed as Schedule 1 Substances. As such, they are prohibited in the most punitive legal sense across much of the world.

So what if there was another form of microdosing that didn’t have any risk of health or legal consequences?

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Harnessing Your Subconscious Mind To Boost Productivity

So you’re interested in productivity hacking, eh?

You’ve thought deeply about your goals, planned them out and committed to an ambitious schedule…

…you’ve broken down your intimidating projects into small tasks that you can apply a strategy like The Tomato Timer Technique to…

...and you’ve successfully started and stuck with some new, productive daily disciplines by "Wedging" easy win targets into your daily routine.


So what’s next? What can you do now to take your productivity skills to the next level?

Are you ready for this monumental productivity game changer? You are? Awesome!’s the big secret:

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