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Don’t Let Perfection Be The Enemy Of The Good

If you dream big, it’s probably your greatest internal asset.

Unfortunately though, if you want to achieve moonshot results for yourself or, dare I say, the world...your pursuit of perfection for those dreams is likely your greatest weakness as well.

You must realize that the bigger your dreams, a resistance to achieve them looms exponentially larger by default.

Because progress is always made in small steps, sometimes those incremental positive changes feel somewhat meaningless compared to the mythically monstrous mountains you’ve put before yourself to climb.

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When Simple Answers Appear Complex…

Occam’s Razor teaches us that: answers with the fewest assumptions are usually the correct ones.

Many times, when counterintuitive realities are discovered, we're all flabbergasted by the complexity of it all. 

But sometimes complexity is just an illusion because we under-appreciate how many incorrect assumptions we begin our investigations with. In fact, we seldom do a good job of defining what our assumptions are in the first place.

​Answers built on falsehoods (either by accident or to serve interests that don't benefit from the truth) will not only be false in and of themselves, but usually create immense wakes of pain and destruction across multiple generations. 

It usually takes a non-institutionalized "outsider" asking "silly" questions (in their own attempts to work through the trail of inconsistencies they're uncovering) to change the paradigm and establish a hard fought, new norm that ultimately becomes seen as "innovative."

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Give Every Minute A Job To Do

How to leverage your Google Calendar to cultivate productivity that crushes it!

I know what you want in one word…


The flexibility to work your own hours, be your own boss and have complete control over your future.

That sounds pretty awesome, right?

But let’s be a little more freedom, what you really desire is:

  • ​The freedom to do things you want to do.
  • The freedom to do things you're good at.
  • And the freedom to do things people will gladly pay you for.

The best situation is when you can find an activity that combines all the above.

Unfortunately, however, few of us serendipitously land on the lofty pinnacle of that triad on our first try.

For the rest of us…

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How To Get Over Camera Shyness

Start Improving Your Online Videos With These 5 Daily Exercises

Is the camera lens an intimidating beast you struggle to be yourself in front of?

Does the thought of being judged by public onlookers or your online viewership paralyze you from even setting up your camera?

Is that camera anxiety manifesting itself as an unnatural version of yourself as soon as you press record?

If so, this camera shyness is keeping you from expressing your unique voice to the fast growing online space of YouTube and social media. Your views are a valuable contribution to moving the zeitgeist in the right direction, but you’ll never have a voice if you can’t overcome the fear of sharing your digital self.

I still suffer from these red light challenges myself, but through my own experimentation, I’ve developed a set of 5 exercises to help dissolve camera anxiety so I can post my perspectives to those who care to listen:

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Pour Some Productivity Rich Tomato Sauce All Over Your Sloppy Schedule

How the pomodoro time-management technique can boost both your productivity and free time!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Toddler Tomato were all walking down the street...

...until, poor Toddler Tomato started to lag behind...

...and much to Mama Tomato’s horror, frustrated Papa Tomato ran back to little, tiny Toddler Tomato, smacked him over the head and said:


There’s A Point To This Intro...I PROMISE!

Now, I admit, that’s a pretty awful joke for several reasons (tomato child abuse being at the top of the list)...

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How To More Than Double Your Reading Speed…INSTANTLY!

Effortless Ways To Increase Your Reading Speed While Maintaining Comprehension

If you’re like me, you're probably ashamed to admit how slow you read... 

...years of lackluster reading rates have likely prevented you from cultivating the reading habits you know you NEED to thrive in our increasingly competitive world.

In my case, crappy reading speeds have even created periodic, negative emotional feedback loops of mental overwhelm that lead to me avoiding books instead of jumping into them with excitement each day.

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Wedging Your Way To Big Wins

How to start and stick with any new, daunting daily habit

Just admit it friends, YOU...ARE...LAZY!

Excuse me! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!”

Well actually...the truth is...we’re all lazy!

You wouldn’t be here if your ancestors hadn’t evolved some proclivity for idleness in their daily lives.

Laziness Is A Biological Survival Strategy

Look, we’re biologically programmed for’s nature’s solution to the harsh energy balance problem we faced as hunter-gatherers thriving across the many stimulatively complex wild landscapes that make up our world.

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The Copy Grinder Challenge

30 Blog Posts In 30 Days

Have you ever desired to become KICKASS at some, seemingly out of reach skill? 

I know that I have...with many things.

And when I start to think of each, INTIMIDATING goal that I've set for myself  (lately I'm obsessed with becoming a skilled acrobatic-yogi, a high-level aikido practitioner, and a successful online entrepreneur), sometimes I become overwhelmed with the feeling that these goals might be too lofty for me to achieve.

This often paralyzes me from even getting started or straight up quitting before I get too far along with them.

But recently, one of the most important, high-level skill sets I've set for myself is, believe it or not...

...becoming a persuasive, entertaining and engaging writer.

"Why a writer" you ask?​

Well, just take a second to think how valuable it would be if you had the ability to produce compelling articles, captivating stories or convey thought provoking ideas clearly that resonated with readers in a meaningful way...that'd almost be like having a superpower, wouldn't it?

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